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Help lights to shine


Change lives

help us make a difference to the youth of tonbridge

Your kindness is what makes us work. It is through your generosity that we are able to engage and support the young people of Tonbridge. At EMBER we have seen the youth in Tonbridge grow in confidence, challenge themselves and make positive steps forward in their lives. Our detached youth work has been successful in helping young people return to school, build new friendships and challenge unwanted behaviour, while also getting them to have fun and try out new things. Through your gifts we are able to continue this and push forward into new ground as we begin to step into schools and work with young people who are being referred to us by other organisations.

With your genoristy we are able to make sure these young people are given the time, space and attention they need to face the issues they are struggling with and provide the support and steps forward to lead them to a more stable future.


Supporting the vulnerable


Currently our detached youth work is based in the Trench Ward area in North Tonbridge, where 33% of children are classed as living in poverty, the worst affected in Tonbridge and Malling. With many families accessing support through food banks, it also means many young people lose the opportunity to take part in clubs and other activities. We go to the local skatepark with skateboards, scooters, pads and other equipment so those without can still learn and join in, this helps us to break down barriers, start conversations and build relationships. We provide opportunities by bringing in skateboarding coaches to provide free lessons and give them a high quality experience, and give them access to other activities to help them discover new interests.

For the young people to receive the best possible experience with EMBER our equipment needs to be regularly maintained and improved. Your support through one-off or regular gifts will help us to do this and build positive memories and help them learn more about their physical, mental and spiritual capabilities and how to manage them.

Have an impact


Do you want to make change? Help develop an alternative? Help inspire hope in a younger generation?

Our mission at EMBER is to maximise the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of young people so they can all reach their full potential. As exciting of a mission that this is, it is not something that can be done alone, and needs the help, support and generosity of others to see it achieved.

When we engage with the young people we let them know that every part of their life matters to us. At EMBER we want to challenge the status quo, not make empty promises but to take action, and to equip these young people with the means to speak up about the things that matter to them and take their lives in a positive direction.

If you want to support us in this process, or get involved in one of our events, then get in touch so we can work together to make the futures of these young people shine that much brighter.