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EMBER Youth is a registered charity (1200739) operating in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. Its Trustees, staff and volunteers share the same desire to ensure all the young people in the area access their best possible future. Starting back in 1994 as The Ember Trust, it has always had the vision of reaching young people in the area using different and creative ways to make a positive impact on their lives.

In Tonbridge the number of activities that young people can take part in has declined. With the closing of more and more leisure facilities and groups, and the rise in popularity of skateboarding, scooting and BMXing the vision of EMBER Youth was born. After speaking with the Trustees of The Ember Trust, the initial plan was to get a premises to work from. Due to the restrictions in place caused by the pandemic achieving this initial target was difficult, so we began doing detached youthwork which shifted our focus on what was needed most. We started going into the areas young people were, building trusted relationships and supporting them as individuals and as a community. Through doing this we are now working closely with many young people, supporting them in a a variety of ways which best suit their needs.

Following on from all this work, our aim is to still facilitate the building of an incredible and positive youth community, that not only encourages each other, but removes discrimination and makes a difference to future generations. Within the project we hope run support groups tackling a wide variety of problems, host peer mentoring and also deliver Bible study to those who want to learn more about the Christian faith in a way that is interesting and engaging.