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EMBER is a not for profit Christian organisation based in North Tonbridge. EMBER wants to see the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health of young people maximised, so that all youth can reach their full potential. At EMBER we believe that every person is capable of great things, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability or any other characteristic that has too often been used for discrimination.


As a team we regularly go out into the Tonbridge community to meet and interact with the young people locally. We meet them where they are, in their own space and build relationships through conversations and activities that they want to take part in. Our role is to help the young people learn from their own experiences through social education, helping them create relevant experiences from which they can learn.


Through the relationships EMBER build with the young people, they let us into their lives where we can continue to engage with them and their families. Young people are an integral and important part of the life of any community. By having this connection we enable their voices to be heard, support them in their own personal and relational development, and help them to explore and access life enhancing opportunities.


The future of EMBER is to have a building devoted to the young people of Tonbridge. A place where they can hang out and have fun. A place where they can grow and develop new skills. A place where they can connect and build relationships in a safe space. A building dedicated to helping the youth of Tonbridge realise their potential and to let their light shine.

If this is something you would like to support then why not find out more.